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The Hanoi Hilton: Burying the Painful Past

It is difficult to comprehend the use of torture against captured enemies in an effort to secure classified information. Despite such atrocities, I maintain my faith and occasionally see glimpses of healing, propitiation, and forgiveness. During my divinely timed exchange with a true American military hero—Congressman Sam Johnson—God gave me just one such glimpse.

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Nothing is Impossible

My sister and I lost our beloved, adorable, joyful Mother. She was everything to each of us – our best friend, confidant, adviser, and, of course, our Mommy. You could talk to her about anything and everything – from business and politics, to the stock market, to boyfriends when we were younger and marriage when we were older, to academics, to life and love, to just everything.

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Lessons for the Affluent in Africa

When children of wealthy families who live in very affluent communities struggle unsuccessfully to meet the lofty demands and expectations of their parents, resulting failures can cause many to become seriously depressed and to self-medicate with alcohol or drugs. Sadly, the resulting downward spiral—one that is difficult to escape—often leads to suicide. Thankfully God can help break that cycle by revealing the values that really matter. That’s exactly what happened on a trip to Africa with my eighteen-year-old son, Zachary.

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