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Alicia’s Story: Bullied Because I Am Different, Saved by God

Alicia is a 20-year-old college student who lives in Pennsylvania. She has had a hearing disability most of her life, and because she is different, she was bullied in school. The bullying caused her to have anxiety, be depressed and harm herself. God was the only one who could heal her suffering - and He did just that when she called out to Him.

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How My Daughter’s Accident Taught Me to Pray Boldly

Tim McGinnin is the director of a nonprofit organization that supports seniors and people with intellectual disabilities. He and his wife, Selina, are both ordained pastors at their church in New Hampshire, where they serve assisting pastor roles. In 2013, their fifteen-month-old daughter, Samantha, suffered a catastrophic fall that could have killed her. This harrowing experience taught Tim how to forgo polite prayer and instead pray boldly to God for His intervention.

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The Migraine Headache Cure

Beginning in my adolescence, I suffered from classic migraine headaches. Doctors believe that migraine headaches are most commonly stress-related, though external stimuli, such as bright lights, often trigger them. In my case it seemed that most often my migraines were triggered by bright lights: the glare of the sun off of water or the glare of bright lamplight shining on a highly reflective surface, such as the pages of a magazine or a recently waxed and polished linoleum floor.

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