Dad’s Transcendence


Experiences Near Death

We often read of near-death experiences and tend to discount them as illusions or hallucinations. That all changes when someone close to us—someone we trust and believe unequivocally—has such an experience. That’s exactly what happened to me at the deathbed of my own father, and it was an experience that changed my life.

Death is an integral part of life, and each of us will eventually face the loss of a loved one. But at the age of forty-six, I hadn’t yet experienced the death of an immediate family member. When we moved our family of seven to Connecticut in 1992, I was very concerned over the deteriorating health of my father; he was diagnosed with cancer shortly after our move.

I am grateful that in August of 1994 my entire family was on vacation in Michigan for two weeks and we had a chance to express our love and our faith to Dad before he was gone. I will never forget my sixteen-year-old daughter, Dena, telling Dad to remember, “Jesus is real. And Jesus loves you.”

In the middle of that two-week period, Dad slipped into a coma. For several hours, he lay staring with his eyes open but with no eye movement, and we finally left fully expecting to receive news during the night that he had died. To our surprise, there was no call. Dad not only survived the night, but when we returned to the hospital the next day, he was sitting up eating his lunch, more alert and energized than he had been in weeks. The nurses told us they couldn’t believe his good spirits and how dramatically he had changed overnight. He’d even visited earlier that morning with a long-time friend, and the two of them enjoyed a wonderful reunion.

Amazed to see him so alert and lucid, I asked what he recalled of his condition the day before. To me he’d looked like he had already died. Perhaps he’d been having a near-death experience similar to those I had read about and heard others speak of. I’d given such stories little credibility. Dad was not a religious man—certainly not one to share his faith outwardly—but he was a good and honest man of faith who worked tirelessly to support his family and always tried to live by righteous principles. If anything had happened, I knew he would give an accurate and earnest account according to his best recollection.

“I saw a wonderful, loving world! It’s a beautiful place, Freddy, beyond description, and I can’t wait to return,” he said with glee. While he was in the coma, he had an encounter he had often heard of and read about. “I was drawn into a beautiful and warm bright light. In the warmth of that light, all of my pain slipped away and I was completely immersed in goodness and love.” Naturally, he wanted to return; in fact, he had derived his renewed energy and spirit from the fact that he’d be returning there soon. Dad was tired, and didn’t elaborate much further. He never said he saw Jesus, but this was clearly a transitional moment for him—a truly transcendent and ecstatic experience.


Comforted During Loss

When we said our good-byes in the hospice a few days later and started our drive back to Connecticut, I was surprised that, even though we all knew we would not see my father again in this life, I wasn’t sad. It wasn’t until I thought about the events that had transpired that I recognized why sorrow was not on my radar screen.

After Dad’s experience, we all realized that we could look forward to a reunion with him in the life beyond. I was so grateful that I had been with Dad for those final two weeks and that my dismay over his comatose state had turned to joy when I learned he had been given a peaceful and inviting glimpse of the world beyond. We left feeling we had just had an experience blessed by God, who had actually revealed divine truth to Dad and to the family through him.

We were very close to our home in Connecticut when I received the call that Dad had died. It was the first major loss of a loved one in my life, yet it didn’t cause agonizing grief or pain. God had watched out for my family in allowing us to arrive before Dad died. If he had died two weeks sooner, I would not have heard my daughter’s confession of faith to him, I would not have heard the story of his near-death experience, I would not have shared in his glimpse of the blessings of the other side, and I would not have had the personal reassurance of the gift of eternity provided by a gracious and loving God. I will forever be grateful for each of those gifts.


For Reflection

Jesus answered him, “Truly I tell you, today you will be with me in paradise.”
— Luke 23:43

We often read of near-death experiences. Perhaps some of us discount them as illusions or hallucinations. That all changes when someone close to us—someone we trust and believe unequivocally—has such an experience. That’s what happened to me at the deathbed of my father, and it was an experience that enriched my life immeasurably. What an incredible blessing that before my father died, God would provide reassurances of an eternal existence that relieved my fears and comforted my soul. Since then, I have recounted my father’s transcendence to many friends and acquaintances only to learn that near-death visions and experiences are far more common than I realized.

Have you had such an experience, or has anyone you trust ever related such an experience to you? Have you ever conducted a deathbed vigil with a loved one until the moment at which he or she passed to the life beyond? If you have, you probably recall the last words or facial expression as he or she ascended from this life to the next.

I take comfort and joy in knowing that I will indeed be with Jesus in a glorious “paradise” as He promised in Luke 23:43.


Comments from the Original Post

Gerard Charron 6.19.16

Thanks for the truth of Gods Love in these times is termoil.

sisclark 3.19.15

I would like to confirm that warm light I’ve been I have survived two headons which first my husb was the driver and killed instantly I and my oldest son survived this was my first encounter of God in my heart and the beginning of my search that was 1995
In 2004 I was invoved in the sec head on which I was driving and was not expected to live I was thrown upside down through the steering wheel and the whole right side of my head and ear were torn from me I was unconscious in and out I had no pain but losing alot of blood from my wound there was a voice that came in a warm bright light in my vehicle as I layed hearing help trying find away Inside that light was the warmest and most loving light I will never forget the voice in a gentle tone spoke told me to not be afraid that everything would. Be alright then I spoke back asked how my husband was he too been serious injured he spike said the angels were there when this light was in the vehicle noone was able to get inside but once it revealed to not be afraid that the angels were with us they found away in through. The side door but I had to be cut out with jaws of life I was flown to hospital hour away as my spouse laid on the stretcher awaiting to be put in the ambulance he til me he didn’t see the helicopter that took me but saw the angel caring me away to save my life what was a hour drive only took less than 15min by flight ..the paramedic til the the person with the jaws of life get me out for I only maybe had bout Fifteen min to live as I went through surgery doctor advises me I wasn’t expected to live through I am,two head ons later been ten years later to tell you there is a place awaiting and its a peaceful loving place that love I felt in the light goes with out explanation no words can ever exspress that much love ❤ the bible tells us God I the light and the life no fear in his love but peace its so true I am,serving him today because. He is the love of my life Godbless everyone be encouraged to serve him and walk in his light and love another as he loves us

Jan C. 2.26.15

My husband’s sister was a Christian and loved the Lord. When she was around 70 years old, she was sick for a few weeks and ended up in the hospital and they found out that she had lung cancer. She never smoked and neither did her husband. The doctors told her it was terminal, and she said that if the Lord was ready for her, then she was ready to go. She had a few chemo treatments but they did not help her. That was around July of that year. She continued to get worse, and finally they put her in a hospice unit of a hospital nearby for a few days. When she died, she wasn’t conscious, but her husband and a close cousin were there with her. Her husband was holding her hand I think. When she had taken her last breath, her husband said he saw her spirit leave her body and ascend… he said she was sitting up and smiling. This is a man who would never make up a story. He told the doctor what he had seen, and he told him that he had an experience that very few people see. She had lost a loved son who was in his late 20s and was in an accident about 25 years before her death, and I believe that she was looking forward to being with him again.

Jennifer 2.19.15

I was especially moved by reading NaskeP’s note to your blog here, Fred (and company) and am grateful for the people sharing on this topic. This feels so real to me when so much else, perhaps everything else, I see on a daily basis seems so impermanent and dilute. NaskeP hang in there, you have been dealt a tough hand and it sounds like you are bringing a lot of light to the planet in a deep way.

I was in a coma when I was 20 and, although no one told me that I almost died, I had to make a decision whether to stay where I was or go back to earth. I assume, now, that where I was was not physically alive. I had a subdural hematoma, CSF leakage, damaged brain stem, a broken skull so I may have been that close to death. I had a “Jesus figure” (I was not and am not still religious)there was a man who looked like Jesus at my back, I was facing forward in a full lotus position but I could see everything, i could also see everything that will be and was and is. He had his arms outstretched and let me know that whether I decided to leave and go back to earth or to stay where I was which was indescribably amazingly awesome was up to me, whatever I decided was the right decision and he supported me either way. But, he made it clear, and even though I knew there was no such thing as time, he made it clear I had to decide right now. My choice is obvious. I chose to come back to learn about love.

Mike 9.8.14

Such a bittersweet thing this pnnartieg journey. My daughter is in Seattle for 3 years of school and we’re home in Arizona. So happy for them to spread their wings and just waiting with fingers crossed they want to come back home. Safe travels to your daughter – what a fun adventure she will have!

NaskeP 4.27.14

My father died when i was almost seven years old. Leaving my mother with 4 children. My mother is a smoker. She is a housewife with no income. We survived from the little money that my uncle share to us out my father previous investment. when i was in high school i turned prayerful because of no one to talk to about my worries. Communication with mother, brothers and sister was not that open that we just keep our thoughts and feelings inside us thou we live in one roof. Every night i kneel down and pray for my mother, brothers and sister good health in front of an altar. I experienced this feeling of meeting GOD seated in his throne while I my loved ones and me were kneeling before HIM. After that when i ask for blessings of good health for my family i experienced a light coming from above shinning over the house roof to touch us. When i was about to finish high school i used to join the Catholics tradition of wiping hanky on the statue of a dead JEsus. A voice whispered into my ear and said that its not Jesus. I got lost and wander in my faith until i went to College got married and live a stressful life. I got sick and keep on changing physicians and spending almost all our family income for medication. when i started reading the bible , repented i experienced seeing rocks on the ground alive and vegetables in the market filled with life. I dont know what is this thing called but just like anyone that state of being was never experienced again.I have told this to my children and husband but never to other people caused they might think i am insane. My mother passed away exactly 2 months from today. When she was I alive she have told us about our grandmother who was declared dead by Physician in the morning but came back to life in the afternoon and told them that she have been to a far big mansions and was so tired and asked for food. My grief over my mother’s death have lead me back to search answers in the bible and then I found this site. Thank you so much for your stories have brought comfort to my soul and assurance that my mother is happy and that there is life after death. Truly GOD is revealed to us in our lives. AMEN!!!

Wayne Roper 9.23.13

Fred: Just another great story,I’ve just recently read a book , 90 minutes in heaven,written by a Pastor,who was killed in a car accident,after the 90 min. he lived again. Well worth reading His is a great story as well ,Thank you so much for sharing,

Julieta 9.4.13

My grandfather died a week ago. At first I was sad, then the Holy Spirit comforted me. Now, don’t know how through twitter I have found this page. Its good too know all this stories. God bless you all.from Argentina.

celiwe 7.27.13

I lost my grandfather to cancer last be honest with you I haven’t grieved for him’because it still feels unreal…but your stories have given me hope that his in a better place..thanx a million….Celiwe @South Africa.

Gabriele 5.2.13

Having been a naturalized citizen at 5 years of age and an incest survivor at the same age I always felt God’s presence and knew that my real father was this loving spirit called God and I would pretend he was here with me. I knew this because I had been there in heaven before and I also knew he had sent me back here to learn certain lessons so I could be of help to others in the form of spiritual awareness of the love and kindness we should all show each other here on earth. When I had my first heart attack in 2007, I experienced direct communication from God asking me if I wanted to see the other side, (heaven), I was scared so I said no but ever since I have been blessed with books and people who have knowledge of it and told me stories of it just like this web site. It has served as more of an inspiration to me and I would like to say thank you for this site.

Andy J Miller 4.21.13

Forty Six years ago I was working at GE in Decatur, IL. Our forth child a boy was due the next day and I had told the office if they get a call for me to forward it immediately as we had no phone at home, and it would be a neighbor calling for my wife. Ge did get that call that day and waited 1/2 hour to relayed it to me. My wife Anna had a placenta prelude and passed out in the bathroom from the bleeding. When she came too she walked to the living room and laid down on the floor telling the youngest two children, now two and three to sit on the couch as mommy was sick. She told the oldest one Austin now four years old to go next door and tell the neighbor to call me at GE. Austin did what was ask of him, only the neighbor wasn’t home, so he went to the next house and they were not home either so he went to the third house not knowing them and ask the lady to call me at GE because his mommy was sick. She did, but though it was her duty to see if she could help. She found Anna laying in a pool of blood and immediately called the ambulance for Anna. She then stayed with the three children, cleaned up the blood in the bathroom and the living room before I came home. When I did arrive 30 minutes later she said she would keep the children so I could go too the hospital. When I arrived Anna was still in the labor room and the hospital (St. Mary’s Decatur Illinois) did nothing for Anna until they could no longer hear the child’s heart beat then they took her to surgery, the Sister in charge was very upset that she had not been brought to surgery long before! After the surgery Dr. Gordan Messmore came to speak with me and told me both my wife and baby had died! He then informed me that they were able to revive Anna but were not able to keep the baby alive after reviving him.
Eighteen years later we were coming home from visiting some friends, that had discussed about seeing life after death and telling other people about it. On the way home Anna said you know I died when Anthony was born! (I had never told her what Dr. Messmore had told me.) I ask how do you know that? Anna said sometime during surgery she woke up and was in the most peaceful place and she couldn’t describe it, more then it was something like walking on or in the clouds and there was this wonderful light ahead of her and she just started walking toward it! When she woke up she knew that she had died and never told anyone about having died, until that night! I then told Anna what Dr. Messmore had told me about her having died during that surgery. She had taken 4 pints of blood and 6 pints of glucose in 12 hours during surgery and afterwords.
No body will ever convince me there is no life after death of the body!

JoAnne 3.9.13

Hi , your story is very great , the earth and everything in it are a testamony to the God we believe in and faith that the evidence of a wonderful God is there , we just have to believe .
My 24 year old daughter was killed in a car accident on December 28th 2009 , and its been a very hard road for me about dealing with it all now , i was talking to her friend Sarah 1 day and Sarah said that she was in a scary incident with her boyfriend , they were in his truck he was driving and he threatened to drive the truck into a tree so Sarah decided to jump out of the truck when he was going at a high rate of speed and she jumped out and landed under his truck and the truck ran over her pelvis and she died , well she told me the medics brought her back to life and she was very upset she did not want to be back in her body she wanted to stay where she had been , so because of her story i was very comforted , my daughter accepted Jesus in her heart long ago and who knew she would only live to be 24 , i always knew she was in a great place with God , but Sarahs story helped me so much .

Mary 12.3.12

I was struggeling for years, I was beaten down, I thanked God all the way but finally gave up and overdosed.Days later God revealed himself to me, the love I felt was beyond human comprehension,it truly blew my mind. I was sobbing tears of joy and gratitude for days, I had told Jesus that nothing made sense and I was tired of trying to find reason, however during this revelation all the parts of my life started to make sense, again it just blew my mind.

Wendy 8.22.12

Very nice story…. I guess it goes to show you that God truely looks at the heart of a man and one day when we pass on we might be suprised who we meet in heaven. I am gratefull for a loving and forgiving God who calls us His own. Who loves us like His children and then some. What a beautiful Lord and Savior we serve.

Eddie Reynolds 8.8.12

I would like to suggest a book written by someone had had not a near death experience but a death experience and came back and wrote a book. His name is Dr. Richard Eby and the name of the book is “Didn’t You Read My Book”? This book is one of those books that you cannot put down because you MUST read what’s around the next corner. I have read it more than once and it has the same impact on the second reading. It can be found on It will forever change your ideas about Heaven and what it’s like. I know now I can hardly wait to get there. There are no words in the English language to describe what Heaven is like. Read this book and enjoy what is to come !

@anointing 7.28.12

My Fathers first death was caused by a vehicle accident in Los Angeles. Everyone in the vehicle was killed including my Father. Two days later when they opened the drawer at the Morgue he pulled the sheet back, rose up and went on to minister the Gospel for several decades.

At the age of 28 I was on a retreat with 40 others. To make a long story short, I had a massive heart attack and died on my bunk.

To keep this short I will only share two thoughts.

One is somewhat funny, while in Heaven I stood at the end of a road that led to the Throne of God. For some reason I could not proceed down this road, I and many others were grouped at this spot as if we were waiting for a bus to pick us up. At this point I was back in the dorm watching the ministers as they prayed and raised me from the dead.

The second point is my very first thought upon being raised, as I died my last prayer was, “Lord send the Pastor.” Several hours later He did send him and he and the others prayed until I returned. The first thought was, “I don’t want to be here Lord, take me back, why did I pray?

The love that I experienced while there was so deep, and the life that flowed even from what appeared to be material things was so full of life that although I was now living again I felt as though I were dead.

Kay Carson 7.6.12

This is a divine website and i feel God’s Spirit all over it!…Fred, thx for being obedient and allowing God to use you!

Emanuela Gemin 6.12.12

Thank you so much for sharing your dad’s testimony of the Light, Warmth and Love and Peace he experienced. It is real. I can say that because I had also an out of body experience due to an accident many years ago (I was 26 and I am 49 now) but I remember it as if it was yesterday, just like your dad described it. I called on God and I was pushed back like a strong wind into my body. Even though I had a broken collar bone and injuries, I didn’t have pain and didn’t take any pain madications prescribed. I have another testimony about the miracle that happend to my dad about 7 years ago (he turn 83 yesterday – bless his heart). He was found with prostate cancer and scheduled for surgery. The time I received the bad news I hadn’t seen him in years and I miss my dad and love him a lot. When I had that phone call my heart sank. Immediatly I went and grabbed my bible and fell weak on the floor. The Bible pages opened up to Matt 21:21. I smiled and a warm feeling fell on me from head to toe. I knew he was going to be fine. About a week later I was told my dad didn’t need surgery. What the doctors saw was no longer there. Jesus is real and we can glorify him through these testimonies. I will leave another testimony about the power of the Father’s Prayer. God Bless us all.

Marsha Lanzo 4.22.12

Fred, I have often said our Lord speaks to us in different languages. I do believe he consoles us, and always reaches us especially when our hearts are breaking. Your stories bring glory to him, and spread the Good News in a new way. I love your honesty, and the clarity with which you speak. Thank you for sharing the living word of God.

Fred Sievert 3.29.12

I am so pleased that others are sharing their stories. The purpose of this website is not simply to tell my story but to encourage others to think back on their own encounters with God and to watch and listen in the future. Please continue to share for the benefit of others.

Glenda Durell 3.28.12

I have to share my own Dad’s story. I had moved to Memphis to live with him as he was in his 90’s. We had a wonderful 4 years together and because of health problems and arthritis and past back operations, he was in a lot of pain. He had been a Bible teacher for as long as I can remember and loved to teach about end times, the rapture and the Great Tribulation and the return of our Lord. He would say that he just couldn’t understand why God was leaving him here so long because he could no longer do for others as he loved to do. My mother had died when I was ten and he remarried several years later and enjoyed a long marriage with my stepmother. So most of those he knew were already in heaven and he was looking forward to going to be with them. The last night he was alive, he was in the hospital and I stayed the night with him because he was so restless. About 5:30 AM, he roused up and was trying to get out of bed. I tried to calm him and keep him from pulling all the tubes out. He was throwing his leg over the side bars on the bed. He said, “I’ve got to get up.” “No you don’t” I told him. “They have you hooked up to the equipment and you can’t get up.” “But,”, He said, “I’ve got to get up. You don’t understand. I’ve got to get up, I have to go.” In less than 30 minutes, he was gone. I told the nurse, that he heard Jesus calling him and saw Him coming after him and he was going to get out of bed and go meet Jesus, dragging all that equipment with him. There was no way I could grieve for him because I knew he was happy where he was and that I would meet him there someday.

Jack and Jan Whitehead 3.27.12 3.27.12

Hi, Fred — We think this project of yours is a wonderful idea; and we believe the responses you elicit with the stories you share will cause people to see God revealing Himself to them, where they had not seen it before.
It caused me to think of my Father’s last Christmas with us…he and my Mom had flown up from Newport Beach and we had a wonderful family time together for a week. A couple of days after Christmas he caught a cold and had a bad cough; but many medications were not usable because of his heart condition. I really saw my Father age several years in the space of 3 days and one night he fell, lost consciousness and was gone almost immediately. Many people might think Christmas would be forever sad for us because it happened in our home…not so! Dad was almost 80 and God caused us to see the blessings of his timing: no nursing home, my Mom was with us to help her walk through the loss and the memorial planning, and even for me to fly home with her and have her not be alone. I could not overlook God’s graciousness toward us and I have had the chance to share this “count your blessings story” with other friends too! Thanks for your efforts, and thank God for His work in your life! Jack and Jan

Mary Fales 3.26.12

Hi Uncle Fred- Thanks for sharing this story about Grandp Sievert! I’m surprised this is the first I have heard of it. Moved beyond belief to know this happened to him (and to you!). Love you- Mary

Katherine ("Kathy") Dimitroff Phillips 3.25.12

Fred, your Dad’s story is so touching I wept when I read it. I identified with the passing of a loved one, since my dear, wonderful, and loving Dad passed away in 1990 at the age of almost 70. I love him so dearly, he was appointed by God to be my Dad and there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of him with love. I pray that my Dad is in Heaven, as we know your Dad is. I’m truly grateful for your stories and for another Brother in Christ. I found God and accepted Jesus Christ as my LORD and Savior in 1994…and have never looked back. God bless you. Your testimony and work is truly giving honor to God. Your sister in Christ, Katherine.

Keith Zafren 3.23.12

Wonderful story, Fred, and beautifully told. What an amazing experience for your entire family to share.

Bill Mahoney 3.22.12

Awesome story Fred and thanks so very much for sharing!

Bill Mahoney

Harry Attridge 3.19.12


Yes, God has been present to me in the person of various beloved family members, including my own parents. But these days it is mainly in the laughter and sparkling eyes of grandchildren. Their sweet but sometimes wily innocence reminds me that of such is the Kingdom of God.