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Joe’s Story: Three Miracles Restored My Faith

Joe Minarik, who is 62 years old, grew up in New Jersey. When he was 18, he and his friends met an angel who saved their lives. But after Joe’s beloved grandfather died, Joe lost faith in God. Through a miraculous event that can be explained only as divine intervention, Joe’s faith in God was restored. Not long after that, God saved Joe’s life again. It took three miracles to restore Joe’s faith in God forever.

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The Hanoi Hilton: Burying the Painful Past

It is difficult to comprehend the use of torture against captured enemies in an effort to secure classified information. Despite such atrocities, I maintain my faith and occasionally see glimpses of healing, propitiation, and forgiveness. During my divinely timed exchange with a true American military hero—Congressman Sam Johnson—God gave me just one such glimpse.

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Answered Prayers: The Miracles of Birth and Adoption

Even before our marriage, Sue and I shared a love of children and a strong desire to raise a family. We had both enjoyed very happy, traditional childhoods in two-parent families in the lower-middle-class suburbs of Detroit and were eager to provide similar experiences to our own children. Our love for children also led both of us to pursue teaching related careers during the first few years of our marriage.

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