A Reader Revelation from Julie Sibert


Hello Fred…

I was so intrigued (and encouraged) when I followed you on twitter and received the below message from you:

Julie: When God leads me to an individual I assume there is a reason - Please visit Godrevealed.com to find it! Let me know - Bless U-Fred

I then visited your blog and was touched by your genuine faith.  I agree that God offers so much that we do indeed miss, if we aren’t pressed closely to His heart.   The noise and busyness of life has a way of crowding out His voice. So true.

I really enjoyed reading about the trip you and your daughter Dena took to Korea during her college years, and how God used so many circumstances to orchestrate the opportunity for Dena and her birth mother to meet.   The story struck a personal chord in me, as my own mother gave a baby up for adoption when she was 16.

I had always wanted to find him once my mom had told me about him.  But she didn’t want to interrupt his life because she wasn’t sure if he ever was told he was adopted.  She gave him up for adoption in the early 60s, when young unmarried pregnant women were still shunned and it was an embarrassment to her family, so they sent her away to a home for unwed mothers in Sioux City, IA.  The adoption records were closed.  That was 1964.

As much as I wanted to search on my own, I also wanted to honor my mother and her desire that her son’s life not be interrupted… that it would be a shock to him and possibly great pain to his family if he had never been told he was adopted.

When I expressed to a friend of mine that I had always wanted to find him, she told me, “Well, just pray He knows the Lord and that if you don’t see him this side of Heaven, you will indeed reconnect with him down the road.”

It was good advice.   I waited. Prayed.  Didn’t push the issue.  Well, as God would have it, my brother actually found us in 2004 when he was 40!  And guess what?  He and his wife are very strong Christians with a deep love for the Lord.   I’m grateful to have them in my life.

Anyway, thank you for sharing your story.   It blessed me!

I am encouraged by your heart, your love of the Lord and your many experiences (personal and professional) over the years.

As for me, I am a Christian wife, trying to do my part to shed light on a topic that is not talked about much in the church… sexual intimacy in marriage.  I have a heart for marriages on this very relevant matter of sex and the gift God intends it to be in marriage.  Sadly, I think too many marriages, Christian marriages even, have been so careless or indifferent to what sexual intimacy means to the relationship.

Anyway, my blog is moving along well and I hope to publish a book within the next year or two.

I covet your prayers as I press on toward whatever God would have in store… that I would share His words with clarity, that I would have the fragrance of Christ on me in such a way that others would see and hear Him in anything I say or do.

If you have any words of encouragement or insights as I seek to use the writing and speaking gifts God has given me, I humbly welcome anything!

I know I don’t know you, but you seem like the type of man who knows a thing or two about sharing the Lord when it’s not always easy or politically correct!

Thanks again! Hope our paths cross again down the road!

In Christ,

Julie Sibert