Why Having It All Is Not Enough


I developed a personal relationship with Jesus Christ in mid-life while building a big career for myself. I had more than everything I had ever wanted, yet I still felt empty. I spent my most productive years working my “business plan” to become the highest paid woman in Boston and the most highly respected… I was very humble. I accepted invitations to sit on the right Boards and began speaking in my field. During that busy time I forfeited the opportunity to be a mother. I am grateful that I experienced the state of having more than I had ever wanted. It showed me that faith isn’t about accepting His call when you are desperate.

At the same time I was soaring with the joy of developing my new relationship with Christ, I developed a health condition that prevented me from ever working again.  (I had let my disability insurance lapse, so you can only imagine the reversal in the quality of living) After 6 years confined to bed, I now live my life lying down 18 hours a day. My family was repulsed and went away when I found my faith, so I am alone without support to all that observe.

To those of us who know what it is like to belong to the family of God, you will understand that I am never really alone. I share my days and hours with the one who created me and has a wonderful plan for my life.

I have developed a small publishing business that I publish Gods stories in peoples lives. It is a perfect way for me to work while lying down with my laptop and phone. I help shepherd people to write and publish God’s stories in their lives for less than half what they have to pay other print on demand companies.

May God bless you as you shine for Him,

Judith Warren