God Unites a Baby Alone with Eager Parents an Ocean Away


According to HIS Timing . . .

People often say, “All things in time.” However, perhaps it’s more accurate to say, “All things according to HIS timing.”

I was born in 1970s Korea—a country that, was closer to its rural agricultural roots than to the glistening technological hub it is known as today. My birth mother was a young, single woman at a time when pregnancy out of wedlock was not allowed. In fact, such a pregnancy risked shaming not only the woman herself but her entire family.

I imagine that my birth mother could not have handled any more shame. Her mother died of heart disease at a young age and she was raised by her father, who never remarried. She dated a boy for a year during her late teens but when they asked to be married, her would-be mother-in-law refused. She argued that my birth mother was not “good enough” since  she had been raised by only one parent. After such a painful experience, I cannot imagine her distress once she discovered her pregnancy.

Fortunately, she chose to go through with the pregnancy and give me up for international adoption; domestic adoption was rare and done only in secret, if at all. As a result, many children were raised in orphanages until they were adults. Opting for international adoption greatly increased the chances that a baby would be adopted and find a good home.

Meanwhile, a mother in Michigan wasn’t able to have children of her own. Despite multiple tests and miscarriages, she was unable to conceive a child. Though she didn’t know it, that hoped-for miracle was not yet according to HIS time.

Because they so desired children, this young woman and her husband adopted a little girl from Korea. A few years later, they were looking to adopt another. Within a few months they were at the airport picking up their second child—me.

This family soon welcomed a third little girl into their family through a domestic adoption. Already a toddler, this child had been born without the right nutrients and had an eating disorder, suffered from ADD, and was mentally impaired. A welcome challenge, she fit in well with the other two girls, eventually overcoming her “disabilities” and growing into a sweet young lady.

Fast-forward a few years later to a miracle. At age thirty-eight, the mother of three adopted children—a woman who had been told she’d never conceive and give birth—found she was pregnant with her own baby. And soon, a much-loved son was born. Amazingly, less than two years later, she gave birth to her second son.

It sounds impossible. It might even sound like something out of a movie. But it’s true. I can testify to it because I lived it, and I continue to revel in the joy of this unexpected family.

You’ve probably already guessed that my adopted father is Fred Sievert—author of this blog, former president of New York Life Insurance Company, and a caring dad. My family has been blessed beyond measure, and every day I am reminded of how different my life could have been if my birth mother and my adopted mother, Sue, had not made some pretty heavy decisions.

As I struggle to have children of my own, I am comforted by the fact that such a thing is not up to me. When God wills that I have children, it will happen according to HIS timing—not mine.

My birth mother was unwillingly pregnant at a time that was not ideal for her; she called upon her inner strength to deliver a baby on her own. My adopted mother lived her childbearing years thinking she was barren until a miracle happened. These were not times or situations they would have chosen for themselves but God had a greater plan.

I am constantly amazed by God’s work. Regularly I pray for continued faith that all things will come according to HIS timing—which, in the end, is the best timing.


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Gina 8.20.12

gail – Welcome home.I remember the view from your kihtcen sink and felt the same thing you mention about that spot peaceful and restorative perhaps? Just the spot you need to look out on whilst slaving at the sink.It is lovely to see your self portrait I can see why you love the idea!! I might have to steal it of course, because thats the kind of wench I am.Is Dena posting her’s somewhere?oh btw, were you standing on the counter top to take that photo of the birdy? lolMarch 13, 2008 1:43 AM

Diane Hohmann 6.1.12

I have so enjoyed this particular series. Your family is truly Blessed! Thank you for sharing!

Regine 6.1.12

Dena, this was so touching and it reminded me of how true the concept of HIs timing is. There are countless scenarios in my life where I was ready to give up but sure enough, not when I wanted it, it came when I NEEDED if- all part of his plan for us.

Sue sievert 5.31.12

I was so deeply touched by this today Dena. You constantly amaze me and I thank God everyday for entrusting you to us as I do with your brothers and sisters. Each of you have grown up into five different individuals. I Praise God for His timing with each of you ! Dad and I are so fortunate to have been Blessed with this family and I thank you for sharing this story!

Lyn Silarski 5.31.12

Thanks Dena for this lovely and amazing story and for stepping out to tell it.