A Miraculous Healing through Intercessional Prayer by Lyle Paul


The Powerful Gift of Prayer

In the spring of 2011, I was diagnosed with cancer which was first believed to be lung cancer. Fortunately it was later determined to be lymphoma. This certainly was a more hopeful diagnosis although it was Stage 4 because it had metastasized and spread to other parts of my body. Undaunted the wonderful staff at UT Southwestern Simmons Cancer Center began the prescribed chemotherapy treatments. Although I was hopeful grave doubts consumed me. I prayed like never before and asked God to heal me. At the same time my prayer was also surrendering my will to God believing that whatever the outcome, it was His Will not mine and I trusted God completely.

My Catholic faith makes be believe that while I trust in God’s infinite goodness and His promise of heaven He also responds to prayers of supplication. So I prayed earnestly for continued life on earth. I surrendered myself to His Will but at the same time I believed it was incumbent on me to fight hard to live. Doing so was not a denial of trusting God but was instead fulfilling what he wanted me to do. He had given me life and expected me to strive to live it as fully as I could without simply giving up.

There came a time about half way through my treatments when I was overwhelmed by doubts and I went to sleep with dark thoughts. During one particular night a miracle occurred. In my darkened bedroom I became aware of a presence and suddenly I realized I was being visited by the late Pope John Paul II. He greeted me and quietly assured me I would be healed and therefore there was no need to fear. A great peace and joy came over me. From that time on I was filled with confidence that I would be made well.

The next morning I told my wife what had occurred in the night but neither of us said much of anything about this and rarely discussed it for nearly a year. Then one day nearly six months later we were having dinner with one of our sons, Joe and his family. During our table discussion I mentioned the nocturnal visit of Pope John Paul. I stated I believed it was a miracle because I believed John Paul was a saintly man and wonderful Pope yet I never had any particular devotion to him. I never prayed for his intercession and in fact had never even given it a thought.

When I related the story my son Joe gave a knowing look to his family and then told me he had been praying to Pope John Paul II to intercede on my behalf to obtain the special grace of good health. Joe’s wife and children were aware of his prayers of intercession but Joe had never told anyone else, least of all me.

My treatments ended a year ago. After a fairly short recovery period I have abounded in good health and have loved life more than ever. God heard the prayers of so many family members and friends, even friends I did not know but who responded to their friends who asked them to pray for me. My heartfelt thanks goes out to each of them.

When a friend, a loved one or even a total stranger is in need of prayer know that God especially hears the unselfish prayers you send up for others. Your prayers for someone else is the highest gift you can give.

In loving gratitude to all,

Lyle Paul
June 16, 2012


Comments from the Original Post

Karthik 8.21.12

The Pope isn’t your only fan!! But it’s good to have him on our side! It’s so great seeing pietcrus of the team enjoying the beautiful city of Rome we know you’ll continue playing hard and pulling together as a team. Have a wonderful time in Florence and Bologna we’re looking forward each day to your updates! Miss you, but are so excited for the experience that all of you are having!! Love from home!!


Dear brother, praise God for his loving grace and lots of miracles HE can always do in many ways. Let’s stand together as christian believers ,no matter what denomintion, and spread the good news of his unconditional love. Our Lord Jesus was a jew, my dad was catholic, my mom lutheran,
🙂 I am methodist but God looks at our hearts. Stay all blessed in Jesus’ name!

Emanuela Gemin 7.26.12

Lyle, my mom had a vision of the Pope John II about a year ago just smiling at her. After reading your story I called her and I told her about your vision and miracle. She has been sick since last February and she was on radiotherapy when I called her. So I told her that Pope John Paul II is praying for her too. Today she told me the good news that the
tumor is gone. I saw the message I received from reading your revalation and I thank God and you Lyle for telling the story and Fred for this site cause now my mom has received a miracle. I see the Pope as a man of Great Faith indeed a Saint.

Angela Austin 6.26.12

God is truly awesome he always hears our prayers…Faith is a must always.

Richard painter 6.26.12

Lyle God is good! Thanks for sharing your story.Richard


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