Have You Witnessed God’s Grace Among Your Parishioners?


Do you have parishioners who might want to share their stories about how God’s grace transformed them? Has someone in your congregation overcome the greatest challenge of his or her life through the grace of God? Was that person’s deliverance from hardship so profound that he or she then felt compelled to share His grace with others facing a similar challenge? If so, their stories of deliverance from suffering through God’s grace can help others in similar situations face their struggles, call on God in faith and receive healing grace. As we know, God’s grace is the only thing powerful enough to deliver us from the clutches of the following situations:

  • Abuse 
  • Addiction 
  • Emotional problems 
  • Family situations 
  • Financial worries 
  • Grief 
  • Guilt 
  • Health problems 
  • Moral and ethical lapses 
  • Parental challenges 
  • Sexual obsessions 
  • Career-related struggles 

I am a former president of a Fortune 100 company who completed a master’s degree in religion from Yale Divinity School after retiring at the age of 59. I published my first book, God Revealed: Revisit Your Past to Enrich Your Future in 2014. 

Now I am writing my second book, Transformed by Grace: Empowered and Guided by God’s Greatest Gift. The book features inspiring, real-life stories of how people have sought, and found, God’s grace through faith in Jesus Christ, resulting in often miraculous relief from their pain and suffering, as well as a driving passion to return that grace in Christian service to others. 

Please let your congregants know that they can remain anonymous, if they so desire. At any point, before granting final approval, they can decide to withdraw from the process. I will involve them every step of the way in preparing their stories. They will have a chance to review the draft and make suggested changes. We might need to talk on the phone to discuss specific questions I have. 

Initially, I need a brief outline of the story — simple bullet points covering background on the situation, the extent of the person’s struggle and desperation, and the evidence and impact of God’s grace in their lives. Recalling particularly emotional moments will add to the story’s impact. 

If you know anyone who wants to disclose his or her story in a way that could positively impact thousands of lives, please ask that person to visit the link below and share a brief synopsis or outline of the story in a Word document of no more than 1,000 words. I look forward to reading about how your parishioners have been transformed by God’s grace.