Reader Revelation About a Tapestry of Events in a Trip to Europe


After reading your stories on, I have been watching for messages from God in the experiences of my life. And in fact, God in His sweet way, revealed himself in a tapestry of events in my recent trip to Europe

I just had a breathtaking and jaw-dropping experience on my recent tour to Central Europe. It was incredible to see how God in an extraordinary and magnificent fashion put out his hands in the events of this trip to show me that he has a purpose in mind and that this was just a small part of the big picture yet to be revealed.

I have always loved to travel and see places, but being single and with some medical issues in recent years, I have been hesitant to make long trips. I had been on a trip to China several years earlier, which was also God arranged, and since then the travel agent would send messages about other trips they were doing. Nothing really stood out. Then the one to Central Europe tugged at my heart, so I checked with a friend and her spirits jumped when she heard the places we were going to, and said that it was important that I go, so I decided to take the risk and go.

Being single I needed to find a roommate. There was a single lady going but she had one of her friends going with her, without her husband. When her husband changed his mind later and decided to go it opened up the opportunity for me to go with a female roommate and a nice one. God was working out even the most minute detail.

On the day of introduction after arriving in Frankfurt, when I said that I had come from Tanzania, there was a gentleman there who had been in Tanzania and had known my late Dad very well. He stated how professional, wonderful and influential my Dad was to him; it blew my mind. Dad was a Professor of surgery, and an awesome man. This was a reminder from God of his legacy to his family and colleagues.

On our drive to Poland, our Tour director showed us a DVD of Pope John Paul II, and how we worked with the people and helped the Jews. I once again was reminded of my late Dad, it touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes. . Something about working with the Jews keeps surfacing in my spirit and did again as I watched the DVD.

My roommate had a grand baby born before her due date during this tour and she was given the name ‘Rachel’, which is my name. That was just another example of how my emotions were stirred during this trip.

I continue to watch for messages from God. I am now waiting on God for some revelation or guidance on why I needed to go to see all of these nations, with incredible Jewish histories and what he wants me to do to pursue this new found interest. As I was reminded of my father’s legacy perhaps God is beginning to formulate a legacy for me.