God Heals Emotionally and Physically


God Healed My Celiac Disease!

For the past five years, I could not even eat a crumb of bread without setting off a long string of physical issues. Any gluten ingested would start to make my left arm go numb and then in the next day or two it would cause severe stomach pain, diarrhea, urinary tract infection, weakness in the limbs, eczema, itchy blisters on my hands, heart palpitations, insomnia and flu like symptoms that would last up to two weeks. Therefore to me, gluten = poison. For the last five years of my life, I have avoided it at all cost. That is until two months ago. Even when I was on a gluten-free diet, I have always had faith and believed that God would heal me someday. But it was just six months ago, while I was seeking the Lord in prayer that a block to my healing was shown to me. FEAR.


Dealing with Fear

Given the different childhood abuses and traumas that I had endured, fear was a natural reaction to many challenges I faced in my life. I had come to believe that fear was just a negative emotion that I needed to repress or deny. The Lord revealed to me that there was a sin beneath the sin. Living in continual fear = lack of trust in God.

However, because it was not an obvious sin like adultery or stealing, it was easier to love and therefore harder to discern. So I started fighting my tendency to fear as if it were a tendency to murder (like any other “big” sin). At the first thought of fear, I bound it with the Word of God and surrendered it into His hands. Then it became so much easier to hear from God and He started convicting me of more sins and asking me to surrender to him in every area of my life including my time, resources and my fear of men.

He would prompt me to randomly give generously to someone in need and I would say yes. He would wake me up at 3am to pray and I would say yes. He would convict me to stop watching certain shows simply because it wasn’t transforming my mind. I would say yes.

Then one day, I felt that He wanted me to go the local park and talk to some woman about His love. I didn’t know who it was going to be nor did I know what to say but I went. Long story short, He taught me what to say at the moment and 20 minutes later, this young woman, who said she was not “practicing any religion”, was crying and basically asking to me to disciple her.

More stories like this one started sprouting up in my life. I have never felt so alive and excited! And yes, regarding gluten….two months ago, I went to a coffee shop with my husband, Mark and I bought a cheese crumble Danish. Mark raised his eyebrows saying, “Honey, are you sure about this?” I said, “Don’t worry, I’m not going to get sick.” I ATE THE WHOLE THING. It was soft, buttery and absolutely divine. Then I had another one the next day. And the next day. I’ve been eating gluten/wheat everyday since that day for the last six months without any symptoms. No more feeling left out at potlucks, no more walking out of restaurants because there is nothing for me to eat, or making my time-consuming gluten-free desserts. Life feels simple.

I am healed.

Eunice Lee


Comments from the Original Post

Mary McCarthy 10.23.15

Jesus can heal in many ways. Sometimes, we live with Our Pain & bare it easily, I don’t pray for myself, I hope my friends do:)). God Bless the lady’s that were healed so quickly. God Is Good. I am Witness to Many Holy Visions I would Love To Share.
Love everyone & forgive everyone.

Johnny kammerer 5.10.15

Thank you I’m having terrifing heart trouble came to the mayo clinic scared just want god to heal me I don’t want to die I want to be me again pray for me thank you so much Johnny

Chris R 3.12.15

I needed to hear this word today. Thank you.

Lyn 1.12.15