Blessings From Others – By Tom Tatum


I have been on a spiritual journey for several years and continue to be enriched each passing day. In a previous Reader Revelation article, I described the initial steps of my journey and things I had experienced. My eyes have been opened to a spiritual world that is both challenging and rewarding. I do not know where this path will lead me on my journey or what tomorrow may bring, but I know I am a better person for having taken it.

God inspired me to write my first book, IF TIGERS WERE ANGELS: WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. Although the story is fictional, it reveals how God is actually with us if we take the time to notice the little things in our lives. The story describes some spiritual experiences a young boy and an older gentleman have with Tiger Swallowtail butterflies (Tigers). These experiences take them on an incredible journey in faith to find God’s purpose for them in life.

My wife asked me what it would take for me to consider my first book a success, and my reply was quite simple. I told her I would love to reach out to a million people, but that is not likely to happen. I guess I will consider my book a success if my story can touch the life of at least one individual in a positive way.

Well, I’m happy to say that I have been “successful” many more times than I ever thought possible. After reading my story, two people who were not walking with the Lord have informed me they are now attending church on a regular basis. Many more have said they will never look at a butterfly the same way again. Still others have shared how they feel the presence of a loved one they’ve lost every time they see a butterfly. My cup truly runneth over with joy.

The strange thing about the story is similar events are actually becoming reality. Since writing the story, I have also had personal experiences with the Tigers, and each time, I smile and feel the presence of God in my life. One such experience happened when a reader called to tell me how my story had changed his life in a good way. In my area, I personally don’t have the opportunity to see many Tigers . . . there numbers are so few here, and I had not seen one in a year. As we were talking, a Tiger floated gently into my backyard and visited for a few moments. I told the gentleman what I was seeing and both of us felt the presence of God. It was another very surreal moment, as if my story truly was coming to life. Even stranger, as I was writing this piece, a Tiger floated up to my window and then drifted off into the backyard.

On another occasion, I was on my way to a meeting and was a little anxious, wondering how things would go. As I turned a corner in my neighborhood, I looked through the passenger side window and was surprised to see another Tiger floating along right beside the window. It travelled with me for about a hundred yards and then drifted away from my car. I instantly felt God’s presence and my anxiety quickly vanished. I felt confident the meeting would go well, and my confidence soared. The meeting could not have gone any better. Was this a coincidence or was God speaking to me? Well, I don’t believe in coincidences.

One would obviously have to know more about my story in order to fully appreciate the feeling I had with these sightings, but I can truthfully say these events were as surreal as any I have ever experienced. I am blessed for having had them, and can’t wait to see my next Tiger.

My second novel, ON GREEN DIAMONDS: PURSUING A DREAM also has a Christian theme. It involves a six-year-old boy who lost his father, and his grief caused him to withdraw into a shell for two years. He and his mother moved to a new town where the boy meets a retired professional baseball player who was having problems of his own. The boy awakens a lost spirit within the man, and they both embark on an incredible journey pursuing a dream.

Again, I have been rewarded by touching the lives of others in a good way. After reading “Diamonds”, a reader told me he was moved by the messages contained in the storyline. The relationship between the man and the boy in the story made him want to do more to help young men. He recently accepted the position as head coach of a local high school varsity baseball team and said my story played a key role in making his decision. I am ecstatic because two of my grandsons will be playing on his team. The Lord continues to come into my life in very special ways, and I feel truly blessed this coach will be influencing the lives of my grandsons and the other players.

The Lord tells us to be His disciples and to spread His word to others. He doesn’t expect us to change the entire world; He expects us to influence our little corner of the world. Although my little corner is small when compared to that of “God Revealed”, I am doing all I can to help spread His word. I’m glad He has called me and shown me how I can do my part. My life has been changed forever, and I’m glad I answered His calling to help others come to know Him. I am truly receiving blessings each day I do. My only regret is that my revelation didn’t happen sooner, as I have many miles to go before I rest.

What makes all of this so incredible is that I am an engineer, very shy by nature, and have never engaged in creative writing before. The Lord is truly guiding me in each story, and I am delighted to have the opportunity to follow His lead.

Mr. Sievert, may you and all followers of “God Revealed” receive God’s blessings as all continue spreading experiences and His comforting words with others.

God Bless America!

Tom Tatum

Summerville, South Carolina