Kisses from Heaven by Marlene Sommer


Last year I met a long time patient from out of town and soon realized it would not be a typical meeting. I sensed something was unusually wrong when she soon said she had some shattering news to share.

Her mother and four other relatives were killed in a terrible van accident in Michigan. Not only did she lose her mother, but two aunts, and also two teenage cousins. Five family members lost their lives!

What an overwhelming tragedy! She told me that her cousin had it much worse than she did because she lost her mother, sister, and both of her children.

Oh my, how could I even begin to convey my sympathy at a loss of such magnitude?

I had developed a special friendship with this wonderful woman over the years and was deeply saddened to hear such a devastating story. I had known and admired her mother as well.

She and her mother were extremely close and she did not know how she was going to be able to go on without her mother. The pain in her eyes at the loss of her mother made an indelible mark on my heart. Holding her hands, I talked to her for quite some time and told her that I believe the love and the bond between a mother and daughter is so strong that her mother will be with her now and forever.

Several months later before the holidays, I was sitting at my desk and I had this strong feeling to send her a little note before Christmas. This woman was a very faith filled Christian person so I wanted to let her know that I was thinking of her especially at this time of year when I was certain she was desperately missing her mother.

I got up from my desk and went into the office lounge where we have some drawers full of cards and stationery that have been there for over twenty years! Randomly, I opened a drawer and pulled out a card among the menagerie of small note cards with wintry scenes upon them.

I went back to my desk and penned a handwritten little note of sympathy just wanting her to know I was thinking of her this first Christmas without her mother.

As I closed the card to slip it into the envelope, I got a chill because the name of the train station on this wintry Christmas scene was nothing other than..HER mother’s name! FLORA! Her mother’s name was Flora, a unique name. Not the usual name of a small town from a Norman Rockwell print. Not Nelsonville, or even Hooterville, or some other small town name. There on the sign on the train station was FLORA, certainly not something you would ordinarily see as the name of a train station!

This was most definitely a circumstance too unusual not to be a sign from heaven. I know that the bond between a parent and child has an eternal link from Heaven. God gives signs to give you comfort and peace while you are here on earth until you are with Him and your loved ones in heaven.

I have had numerous instances like the Christmas card in my life over the years where I had “signs” that touched my heart and soul and gave me strength to go on.

These signs came at moments when I was in despair over the terrible suffering and death from breast cancer of my beloved sister, over a precious child that I miscarried, and many others.

One thing I know is that these “kisses from heaven” as I call them, are coincidences that happen at a precise moment to convey a positive message of comfort to you at a much needed time. They are truly messages from God.

The Christmas card from heaven just happened to use me as a vehicle to get a mother’s love to her grieving daughter.

I encourage you to continue to spread the true meaning of Christmas throughout the year and know that you will receive “Kisses from God.”

When you remember Him, He will remember you!

Marlene Sommer


Comments from the Original Post

Leslie Pecilunas 6.20.14


I loved this story and will share it. Thank you for reaching out again, to touch us with your God-wink, as I call them. Thank you for reminding us that God is ever-near, and that our loved ones that have passed from our sight, are just a breath away. Love the story and you! 🙂

Karen 9.10.13

Marlene, you are such a wonderful friend and a blessing to so many of us. Thank you for sharing another one of your uplifting stories.

Kathy McRee 6.30.13

I love your story. I too feel God gently gives us a “kiss” if we will just take notice. I write about The Lord in my life in my blog which I would love for you to read
God bless your beautiful written “voice”

Lenni Nordloh 6.28.13

I have just finished writing a book called “Simply a Whisper”. It is being edited righ now. Your story is one of God’s whispers..

Erin 6.24.13

A beautiful story and a good reminder for all of us to heed to the gentle nudges from God as He may want us to encourage another of our brothers and sisters. Thanks for that.

Kathy Malaha 6.22.13

When my mother took her life, I remember thinking there could not be a God that would allow such a terrible act. I remember saying out loud…if you truly are there God, show me that my Mother is with You now. I asked that he send me a beautiful butterfly in the spring. I was talking with my daughter on the phone, in the spring. I was looking out the kitchen window, when the most beautiful butterfly flew by my window, then it lit on a bush, as if to say, I am ok now. Every spring for the past eight years, no matter where I am, I continue to see my Butterfly!

Cyndi L. Wolking Norberto 6.19.13

I believe that the people who have passed do come around when you least expected. I had a nightmare one afternoon, and I woke to a kiss on the cheek. I asked my husband and children if they came in and gave a kiss, and everyone said no. I know someone or an angel came and gave me a kiss to wake me from the dream I was having. I believe it was my Momma or my sister who has been close to me for many years. I have felt her presence all my life. From a teen to now as an older adult. I have found peace through our lord Jesus Christ. He has blessed me, and held my hand for many years trying to find my birth family. I found them just this last month or so. I feel complete now and know Jesus helped me find them. So, God is good and angels are present always looking out for us.

Tania 6.19.13

This story is about my wonderful mother. I am thankful to my dear friend Marlene to have sent the card and for sharing this great message from God. His help has gotten me through the past 12 years without Momma.
God will always be there if you just ask him.
Have a wonderful blessed day

Jack Foley 6.18.13

What a wonderful account of the Lord’s message to you and your friend during a difficult time. His “kisses” are sometimes subtle but certainly there for us to see if we are looking for Him. Thanks for sharing this!

Alyssa 6.18.13

Love this special story. Would like to hear more of yours.

chuck failla 6.18.13

What a touching story…many thanks for sharing it.