April's Charity is Autism Awareness


My passion has been to impact lives by telling stories of my personal encounters with God on this website.

We now have come up with a way to impact more lives and also to reward you, our visitors, by allowing you to impact lives as well.

For every visit you make to Godrevealed.com in April, during which you read at least 1 of the 20+ stories, I will contribute a $1 to Autism research.

Read stories where God is revealed…

  •    …in faith-stirring experiences
  •    …through our friendships
  •    …at the crossroads in our lives
  •    …according to His timing
  •    …in our hours of need
  •    …in our family relationships
  •    …in the workplace
  •    …through our readers’ revelations

Each month a different charity will be identified but don’t wait for next month, you can impact lives in this way every month and indeed every day if you visit daily.

God Bless You,