Two Thieves - A Poem By Bob Gotti


There were two others on Calvary; two common men like you and me,
One on the left and one on the right, hanged with Jesus in plain sight,
Just like Jesus they were there to die, common people like you and I,
The two of them were convicted men; guilty felons to be condemned,
But those felons, one of a kind, displayed a different heart and mind.

One rebuked The Lord, at his side, casting insults at God, as he died,
The other, rebuked the felon instead, saying they deserve to be dead,
Turning to Christ he then implored, knowing Christ was God and Lord,
Humbly saying to God’s Son, remember me when up in your kingdom,
Then, said the Lord Jesus Christ, “Today you’ll be with me in Paradise.”

Common criminals, but so far apart, as The Lord looks into their heart,
As we study that picture enlarged; of common men, guilty as charged,
This is an illustration of us all, for everyone’s guilty, under Adam’s fall,
All are guilty down through the ages, and all facing sin’s eternal wages,
Eternal death is the penalty laid, by God, upon all, which is to be paid.

Back to the One on the center cross, Christ who died for all those lost,
God’s Son, who became a sacrifice, to pay for all God’s Eternal Price,
And, just like both of those thieves, we must make a choice of beliefs,
If it’s the first thief’s choice you make, you the Savior will also forsake,
But if like the second, you believe, a place in Paradise you will receive.

 (Copyright ©06/2008 Bob Gotti)