About God Revealed - by Al Shemke


I visited Fred’s site a few times
And read his and other entries.
Most were about discovering
Divine presence – very often
Through Unique Circumstances.

Freddy shared some of those
Stories with me many years ago.

And it makes sense to me –
Unique Circumstances need
Help – they can’t occur
Without a Divine Creator –
God, Who makes all things.

I looked back in my life –
When I felt Divine presence
And I thought of the time
I sat with my wife, Katie

In my brother’s house
On his living room sofa.
My aging parents sat in chairs
Straight across, facing us.

My brother was getting
Cleaned up, dressing up.
He had been kind enough
To leave us with Kenny G.
Playing soulfully as we waited.

Waiting, none of us talked –
Captivated by sweet sounds –
And soon God’s melodious “voice”
Wet our faces with our own tears.

A unique experience it was.
Nothing like that ever occurred
For myself or Katie.  I knew we
All cried silently of life and death.

None of us spoke of it until later.
My brother came back all dressed.
We all went out quietly, got in the car,
And drove on out to our destination.

I’ve always known our tears that day
Were a gift from our Creator –
I watched God gently make tears –
And bring all our hearts closer together.