Reader Revelation from Mike Barry


Today I had my annual compliance review with my Agency Standards Consultant (ASC) John Quarella – You see you never know where an inspirational story will come from.

John told me about the untimely death of his colleague last spring in a car accident.  He was also an ASC in the Boston office and traveling the highway between appointments.  His car hit a large puddle, hydroplaned into the median and hit two trees.  He died at the scene of the accident.


The next day, his widow received a phone call from a woman she had never met.  The woman apologized for calling during her time of grief but said she had a story to relate that she felt was important for the widow to hear.

The woman did not know the widow or the deceased.  She was simply a traveler on the highway that day when she got stuck in the traffic jam some distance from the accident.  Since she could not see what was going on, she told her 8 year old adopted daughter in the back seat that they were probably stopped for some construction or maybe an accident and would soon be on their way.  A few minutes later, the 8 year old said to her mother, “Mom, it’s not construction.  It was an accident and a man died up ahead.  I know because I just saw Jesus carry him up to heaven.

Our ASC was very religious and very involved with his Catholic parish in New Hampshire.  A Bishop and 7 priests said the Funeral Mass.  The Bishop related this story to the congregation.

Mike Barry