Every Life is a Journey


As I read through the hundreds of emails from the visitors to this site, I am reminded of the diversity and uniqueness of our individual journey’s and experiences, and yet I also marvel at the similarities of the human issues we all face. How we respond and react to those individual challenges and circumstances in many ways defines who we are.

I encourage you to reach out to our God in prayer and to watch for, listen to and act upon His answers and messages. As you encounter God in undeniable ways and sense Divine guidance and intervention, don’t hesitate to tell your story to others whose faith can be reinforced through you.

I encourage and invite you to share a story of your own glimpses of God by submitting a reader revelation via the link below. You can minister to others in need by sharing your own unique journey and encounters with God.

Thank you to those who already have shared their stories, your words have surely inspired other readers.

Thank You,