Study Guide for God Revealed

Welcome to the Study Guide for God Revealed.

Each chapter of my book ends with optional exercises. The exercise questions are designed for discussion by a study group but they can just as easily be addressed individually or with a spouse or reading partner. If you prefer not to break the continuity of your reading experience, you may choose to return to the exercises after reading the entire book. The exercises are designed to make your reading experience more personal, by encouraging you to thoughtfully consider your own historical encounters with God. If you’re successful in recalling such experiences, we hope you will then be more comfortable sharing them with family, friends, and acquaintances either individually or in a group setting.

Additionally, by completing these exercises, we hope you’ll not only touch the lives of other believers, but also be better prepared to more attentively encounter God and experience His love and guidance in the future.

We encourage you to briefly capture your answers to the questions in writing for possible future reference and elaboration as your skills in ascertaining God’s presence mature and develop further.